MADE Hoops




MADE HOOPS is an American grassroots leader in cutting edge youth basketball events and experiences.  They feature the most competitive middle school leagues in the USA.  They run tournaments from October through to March.


Full Court Events has been given the opportunity to enter teams into MADE HOOPS this upcoming season for both boys and girls in Grade 7, 8 & 9.  F.C.E. felt it was in the best interest of Calgary players to not have 1 club have the only opportunity to enter, but too have all the clubs give their players an opportunity to be part of it.

F.C.E. has created a brand called Northern Lights.  To put it simply, it is what will be on the uniforms for the MADE Hoops teams.  Registration for tryouts for theses team’s tryouts will go through F.C.E., the parent company.  

F.C.E. is approaching the MADE Hoops teams with the same style format as the Provincial teams.  Players from different clubs will have an opportunity to go down to the United States to play in these tournaments.  These teams will be disbanded after the final tournament in March.

The F.C.E. teams will be composed of players from different basketball clubs in Calgary.  There will be tryouts for these teams in September and we encourage all club leaders to be part of the tryout process and help in player and coaching selection for any teams that are entering.


Clubs who have players that have been selected to be part of MADE Hoops will be invited to a parent/player meeting with the FCE where it will be clearly explained that these F.C.E. teams will not be together in the Spring.  

This allows clubs to support their stronger players to get this experience.  F.C.E. will not be asking players to stay together for Spring so clubs, parents and players will be comfortable that they don't have to choose one or the other when Spring basketball arrives.


Tournament Dates for Made Hoops - Boys and Girls

December 9-10 Phoenix, Arizona

December 30-31 Sacramento, California

February 11-12 Seattle, Washington

March 3-4 Las Vegas, Nevada



Players will need to cover expenses for airfare, hotels, tournament fees, uniforms and coaches honorariums.  Player costs for these teams will be announced when registration opens. 


Early September - announcement will be made via Instagram, website and email link to clubs